A little about who we are...

We are an independent family run property investment and management company. We specialise in bespoke property management services for our clients, covering Darlington, Bishop Auckland, Newton Aycliffe, Shildon and the close surrounding areas.


Although we offer specific property management we have been investing in property ourselves since late 2004 and now run and operate a very productive portfolio. This we feel gives us a firmer understanding of what landlords really want from their own portfolios. It helps us to understand clearly what it feels like to be a landlord and understand why and how the decisions are made, particularly those relating to budget and profit.

Together with our management & investments, we run our own in-house maintenance service covering most aspects of maintenance, servicing & installations. We cover everything from electrical & gas work to painting & maintenance so you can be assured that your investment is in the best possible hands.

  • By choosing Wise Owl Property, you are investing your portfolio wisely
  • By choosing Wise Owl Property, you are removing all the headache from being a landlord
  • By choosing Wise Owl Property, you are choosing confidence
  • By choosing Wise Owl Property, you are tapping into our local network
  • By choosing Wise Owl Property, you are accepting complete peace of mind!
We have been buying & running properties for over 10 years now, in this time we have seen it all, we have learnt from our dealings and experiences & this has shown us how to systemise every eventuality so that noting is a problem
At Wise Owl Property we only offer management services within our local area this means we can concentrate on developing our core skills within, subsequently we have become local experts in the key letting areas
Always considering our customers opinion of our service, we go far beyond the call of duty to keep all of our customers happy. this includes both the clients & the tenants, after all a happy landlord shares their experience and a happy tenant is one that stays and pays
Never satisfied with standing still, we are a very progressive company we regularly attend training courses, keep up to date with regulation changes and engross ourselves in the latest materials relevant to our industry. We believe that knowledge is the key to success
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When problems are reported to us we act immediately. A small problem can quickly turn into a larger one if left. We have our own in house maintenance team so all problems, where possible are dealt with the same day as they are reported. This keeps both our clients and our tenants happy creating longevity for both
It is our understanding that if our clients wanted to be called and informed about every little issue that arises within a tenancy, they would manage their own houses personally. This is why we aim to resolve all issues in house and only report the issues we feel you should know about. This on your monthly statement in our note section so you can read at your leisure
From time to time it may be absolutely necessary to contact you when the decision either falls beyond our jurisdiction or has major cost implications, at this point though we will have already exhausted all avenues and will contact you with a list of solutions rather than a list of problems
We believe excellent communication is fundamental to any relationship, all our necessary communication is clear, well detailed, gives full respect to the topic and situation and will leave you feeling confident in our service and ability. We take time to discuss things with you, come up with the appropriate action and then implement clearly and swiftly